Can the McDonald’s diet be successful?

A person who absolutely loves hamburgers but was concerned about gaining weight due to their high calorie content managed to lose around 27kg by eating only delicious McDonald’s hamburgers for 6 months.


This has become a hot topic.


The protagonist is none other than John Cisna, a high school science teacher in the United States. The reason he undertook this McDonald’s diet was to showcase in his class how detrimental McDonald’s could be to one’s health.

The outcome was a three-month lifestyle of consuming only McDonald’s.


In the morning, he had an Egg McMuffin, oatmeal cereal, hash browns, and milk. For lunch, he ate a chicken salad, fruit salad, and an apple. In the evening, he had a salad, cola, and a hamburger set.

Finally, he mentioned that he engaged in approximately 45 minutes of walking exercise each day.

Initially, he began this journey with the belief that consuming only hamburgers would lead to rapid weight gain. However, contrary to his expectations, he started at 127kg and, after three months, his weight dropped to 110kg, shedding a remarkable 17kg.

Continuing for an additional three months resulted in an extra 10kg loss, bringing the total weight loss over the six-month period to 27kg.

John Cisna, prompted by this experience, felt the realization that “Oh, if you want to diet, you can just eat and then burn off the calories consumed.” As a result, he published a book titled “My McDonald’s Diet.”

Additionally, he became a spokesperson for McDonald’s.

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