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When it comes to singer Kim Ho-joong, one of the first programs that comes to mind is TV Chosun’s “Mister Trot.” Let’s take a detailed look at singer Kim Ho-joong, who has recently been trending in real-time searches.

Who is Kim Ho-joong, the singer who finished 4th in the TV Chosun audition program “Mister Trot”? Let’s learn more about him.




  • Name: Kim Ho-joong
  • Age: October 2, 1991 (33 years old, Year of the Sheep)
  • Hometown: Jung-gu, Ulsan, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Origin: Gyeongju Kim clan
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Family: Relative – Lee Gwang-deuk
  • Education:
  • Myeongjeong Elementary School (Graduated)
  • Ulsan Middle School (Graduated)
  • Gyeongbuk Arts High School (Music, Vocal Major / Transferred)
  • Gimcheon Arts High School (Vocal Music / Graduated)
  • Hanyang University College of Music (Vocal Music / Dropped out)
  • Agency: Think Entertainment
  • Debut: March 22, 2013, with the digital single “My Person”



Who is Kim Ho-joong?

Kim Ho-joong is a South Korean trot singer who gained public recognition after finishing 4th on TV Chosun’s audition program “Mister Trot.” From a young age, he studied vocal music and displayed exceptional musical talent. On “Mister Trot,” he captivated viewers with his ability to perform various genres, including trot, classical, and ballad.



After “Mister Trot,” Kim Ho-joong solidified his presence in the music industry, becoming a rising star. He has released albums showcasing his unique musical style and has appeared on various TV programs, endearing himself to fans with his witty and sincere personality.

Kim Ho-joong is also known for his philanthropy and volunteer work, spreading positive influence. He has donated to COVID-19 relief efforts and volunteered at orphanages and disability welfare centers, extending a warm hand to the socially disadvantaged. His charitable acts inspire his fans, who also participate in donations and volunteer activities alongside him.


Mister Trot

During his time at Gimcheon Arts High School, Kim Ho-joong appeared on the SBS variety show “Amazing Contest Star King,” winning twice. He won the Sejong Music Competition in 2009 and later attended Hanyang University, where he received the Korean Talent Award and a Presidential Citation. After studying in Germany, he competed in JTBC’s “Phantom Singer” Season 1 in 2013, making it to the finals.



In early 2020, Kim Ho-joong participated in TV Chosun’s “Mister Trot,” finishing 4th in the finals. During the competition, he admitted to and apologized for past illegal gambling activities.

Kim Ho-joong’s powerful vocals and emotional tone earned him widespread love, with songs like “Makgeolli One Shot,” “Crying and Regretting,” “Purple Postcard,” and “Hateful Love” becoming his hits. He was also noted for his impressive stage performances and lively entertainment sense, consistently showcasing his strong skills throughout the competition and being considered a strong contender for the win.

His popularity is attributed to his broad appeal across different age groups, sincere humanity, diligent and humble attitude, and active communication with fans on social media, building a friendly image.



Music Genre and Style: Kim Ho-joong’s Unique Musical Color

Kim Ho-joong demonstrates a wide musical spectrum, performing in various genres, including classical, trot, ballad, and pop. His classical vocal training gives his trot music a distinguished, sophisticated touch, blending the unique vocal techniques of classical music with the emotional depth of trot. His powerful voice and delicate emotional expression captivate listeners, delivering profound resonance and emotion.



Formation of Fandom and Expansion of Social Influence

The participants of “Mister Trot” have each captured fans’ hearts with their unique personalities and charms, forming large fanbases. These fandoms go beyond simply enjoying the music, actively supporting and promoting the artists’ activities. Additionally, they are expanding their social influence through charitable and volunteer activities, creating social value and spreading positive influence. They communicate and collaborate with each other, fostering a culture of mutual growth.


Major Performances and Album Reviews

Since his appearance on “Mister Trot,” Kim Ho-joong has been actively performing and releasing albums. His performances are praised for his excellent vocal skills and stage presence, and his albums consistently top the charts, loved by the public. His classical concerts, in particular, have received significant attention, where he reinterprets classical music with his outstanding skills as a vocal major, offering deep emotional experiences to the audience. He showcases a wide musical spectrum, performing various genres beyond trot, such as ballads and pop.



Kim Ho-joong in Pop Culture: Broadcasting, Performances, and SNS Activities

After “Mister Trot,” Kim Ho-joong has been active in various fields, including broadcasting, performances, and social media, receiving immense love from the public. Notable TV appearances include “Happily Ever After” (2023), “The Boss Has Donkey Ears” (2022), and “Like Tuesday Night” (2022). Through these programs, Kim Ho-joong entertains viewers with his friendly charm and humor, bringing both laughter and emotion.

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