Korean handsome actor Lee Je-hoon age at debut

Let’s take some time to explore information about the prominent Korean actor Lee Je-hoon. Here are details about his profile, age, rise to fame, background, hometown, education, family, household, religion, girlfriend, career in various projects, height, and more.



Lee Je-hoon Profile Information

Age: Born on July 4, 1984 (39 years old)

Hometown: Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Physical: Height 177cm, Blood Type B

Family: Parents, older sister

Education: Attended Korean National University of Arts – College of Drama but dropped out

Military Service: Completed his mandatory service in the police force


Debut: 2006 in “The World of Silence”

Agency: Company ON




Lee Je-hoon’s Background Story

Lee Je-hoon was born in Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, but he lived in Uijeongbu from the age of 6. He always wanted to pursue acting from a young age but due to his parents’ opposition, he enrolled at Korea University for a more ordinary life. However, Lee Je-hoon couldn’t give up on his dream of becoming an actor and dropped out of Korea University in his second year to enter the College of Drama at the Korean National University of Arts in 2008.



Lee Je-hoon’s Filmography Highlights



Lee Je-hoon began his acting career in 2005 with the play “The Seagull” and officially debuted in films with “Just Friends?” in 2007 and “The Scam” in 2008. He gained attention in the independent film industry after appearing in “Bleak Night” in 2010, where he won several rookie awards at film festivals. He continued to gain recognition with the film “The Front Line,” released the same year, showcasing his talent in a competitive environment.

Afterward, Lee Je-hoon’s popularity grew with his role in the film “Architecture 101” in 2012, where his youthful appearance and genuine acting received critical acclaim. He went on to star in films like “An Ethics Lesson,” “Phantom Detective,” and “Paparoti,” before enlisting in the military. Upon his discharge, he returned to acting in the film “Detective Hong Gil-dong” and gained further success with the drama “Signal,” portraying Park Hae-young.

In subsequent years, Lee Je-hoon appeared in the drama “Tomorrow, With You” and received acclaim for films like “Park Yeol” and “I Can Speak.” He won the Best Actor award at the SBS Drama Awards for his role in the drama “Where Stars Land.” Lee Je-hoon is known for his exceptional performances in both film and drama.

Additionally, it’s known that Lee Je-hoon practices Protestantism and actively participates in community service. He showcased his entertaining personality and English proficiency through the variety show “Traveler” and has continued his active career this year with films and a Netflix drama, including the recent film “Collectors.” We look forward to supporting Lee Je-hoon’s ongoing successful acting career.

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