Korean Idol Group ILLIT Member Profiles

ILLIT(아일릿) is a 5-member girl group formed on the JTBC competition program “Are You Next” in 2023. They debuted under Hive Label Belief Lab on March 25, 2024. Let’s get to know the members who have been receiving a lot of love since their debut due to their diverse charms and exceptional talents.



ILLIT is a compound word formed by combining “I WILL” and “IT.” “I WILL” represents a strong determination and will to accomplish something, while “IT” signifies “that.” By combining these two words, “ILLIT” symbolizes the determination and potential to achieve something. It represents the members’ commitment and resolution to give their best in their music activities and performances, aiming for success.



Name: Yuna Noh

Birth: January 15, 2004, Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do

Education: Graduated from Chungju North Girls’ Middle School

Family: Parents, younger brother




In 2018, she joined HYBE and went through six years of trainee life, making her the longest-serving trainee among the members of Aylet.

Through JTBC and Belift Lab’s program “I-LAND,” she was chosen by the agency and debuted as a member of Aylet.

(She was selected as the top trainee in “I-LAND.”)

Although born in 2004, she has the earliest birthday among the members born in the same year.

She is confident, passionate, and assertive in all matters. She is also known for her cheerful personality and love for excitement.

She is the only member in the team with EN personality traits.

Her hobbies include gaming and riding a bicycle.

Her most frequently used phrase is “I’m hungry.”

She is confident in cooking ramen and seaweed soup.

Her favorite karaoke song is Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

She often hears that she resembles a wild animal, but she’s not so sure about that.



Name: Minju Park

Birth: May 11, 2004, Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province

Family: Parents, older brother

Education: Graduated from Misaganbyeon High School


Life motto: This too shall pass



She was a trainee at YG Entertainment from 2018 and joined HYBE in 2019.

She spent four years as a trainee at HYBE.

She has a quiet and timid personality, enjoying sharing with others. Above all, she has a caring style of taking care of others.

She also tends to cry easily.

Due to her experience as a trainee at YG Entertainment, many people notice a distinctive YG style in her vocal tone and singing technique. Her favorite karaoke song is “Thorn” by Buzz. (Her second favorite is “Fate” by Lee Sun-hee.)




Name: Moca Sakai

Birth: October 8, 2004, Fukuoka

Family: Parents, younger sister

Hobby: Watching movies


Life motto: Even though it’s hard right now, if you work hard in this moment, someday a happy day will come.



In 2020, she joined HYBE LABELS JAPAN.

During her time as a trainee at ALU: NEXT, she trained for about 3 years.

She is practical and laughs a lot.

Moreover, she is spontaneous, often acting on impulse.

Her hobby is watching horror movies, and she’s good at making “rolled omelets.”

Her stress-relief method is talking to her mom.

She says the person she most wants to resemble is Jennie from BLACKPINK.



Name: Wonhee Lee

Birth: June 26, 2007, Busan

Family: Parents, older brother

Education: Currently attending Changwon Girls’ High School


Life motto: No regrets



She started her trainee life after being street casted at the Express Bus Terminal. During her time at ALU: NEXT, her training period was 1 month, and after that, she trained for 11 weeks. Among the members of AILET, she has the shortest trainee period.

However, she debuted as an AILET member by winning first place in the final competition of ALU: NEXT hosted by JTBC and BILIP FLAP.

Though she is shy, once she gets close to someone, she jokes around well. She also has a slightly quirky and whimsical personality.

She laughs a lot and cries a lot too.

Her favorite foods are kalguksu (knife-cut noodles) and kongguksu (noodles in cold soybean soup), her favorite animal is a cat, and her favorite number is 6.

Her role model is IU.

She has excellent athletic ability and served as the head of the physical education department in middle school, sweeping the sports competitions, and she is also good at taekwondo.




Name: Iroha Hokazono

Birth: February 4, 2008, Tokyo

Family: Parents


Life motto: As much effort as put in, results will come out



She is a former JYP trainee.

She has been practicing dancing since she was young and has a lot of experience in dancing.

As she was born in 2008, she is the youngest among the members of AILET.

She is introverted and a perfectionist who pursues perfection. Because of this, she also experiences a lot of stress.

She is generally positive and laughs a lot, but she also cries easily.

However, she doesn’t dwell on things that have already happened and has a personality of brushing them off easily.

She also has a lot of aegyo (cuteness) unexpectedly, dominating cuteness as the youngest member of AILET.

Her favorite animal is a cat, and her hobbies are dancing and listening to music.

She is most confident in making pancakes.

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