Korea’s representative handsome actor Wi Ha-jun age and agency


Let’s take a look at the actor Wi Ha-jun, known for his wide-ranging acting spectrum and immersive portrayal of characters in various works.

In particular, we’ll explore details such as his age, height, debut, family background, agency, and more, which many people are curious about.



Name: Wi Hyeon-i
Age: Born on August 5, 1991, 33 years old
Hometown: Jeollanam-do
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: B
Family: Parents, older brother, older sister
Education: Transferred to Wando High School > Studied Theater and Film at Sungkyul University (currently on leave)
Agency: MS Team Entertainment
Debut: 2015 film “Chinatown”
Military Service: Sergeant in the Air Force, discharged
Hobbies: Listening to music
Special Skills: Acrobatics, boxing


He initially ventured into high school to become an idol, auditioning for SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment in his senior year. Although he passed the first round at SM and even underwent a camera test, he ultimately did not make the final cut.

Following this, Wi Ha-jun enrolled in an acting academy to prepare seriously for his career as an actor, aiming to enter the theater and film department.


Wi Ha-jun enjoys weight training to the extent that he carries home exercise equipment and workout gloves in his bag. He considers his back to be his most confident body part.



He is known for his distinctive features, often referred to as “dinosaur-like,” which combine a gentle image with a sharp, intelligent impression, allowing him to showcase diverse appearances.

Wi Ha-jun has adorned magazine covers as a men’s health model and presented Under Armour collaboration videos in GQ photoshoots.


He does not particularly enjoy drinking, and his tolerance level is around two bottles when he needs to drink more, or one and a half bottles when drinking with friends.

Moreover, Wi Ha-jun is a non-smoker, except for smoking during the filming of “Chinatown,” after which he resumed non-smoking.



Since his debut, Wi Ha-jun has harbored a desire to star in a thriller film, which finally came true with “Midnight” in 2021.

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