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As summer approaches, Kwon Eun-bi, known as the ‘Water Bomb Goddess’, becomes one of the hottest figures. We’ll explore information about Kwon Eun-bi’s profile, height, age, IZ*ONE affiliation, weight, education, and Instagram.



  • Name: Kwon Eun-bi
  • Age: Born on September 27, 1995 (29 years old, born in the year of the Pig)
  • Hometown: Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Height, Weight: 159cm, 44.7kg
  • Family: Parents, older brother
  • Education:
  • Geumdong Elementary School (Graduated)
  • Dongil Middle School (Graduated)
  • Seoul School of Performing Arts (Practical Dance Major / Graduated)
  • Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts (Broadcast Entertainment, K-POP Major / Withdrawn)
  • Agency: Woollim Entertainment
  • Group Career: IZ*ONE



Kwon Eun-bi is a South Korean singer, dancer, and actress. Born on September 27, 1995, in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, she has had a keen interest in music since childhood.

During elementary school, she formed a dance club with friends and actively participated in dancing and singing activities, improving her skills. In middle school, she performed at school festivals, further nurturing her dreams, and started auditioning after entering high school.



Despite facing continuous rejections in various auditions, she was coincidentally street cast and joined Woollim Entertainment.

During her trainee days, she received intensive training in vocals, dance, rap, and other areas. Despite the challenging times, she prepared for her debut with passion and effort towards music.

After about 7 years as a trainee at Woollim Entertainment, she participated in Mnet’s survival audition program “Produce 48” in 2018. Showcasing outstanding skills and charm, she was selected as a final member and debuted as part of the project girl group IZ*ONE.



Activities and Major Achievements as IZ*ONE

IZ*ONE, composed of 12 members selected from Mnet’s survival audition program “Produce 48” in 2018, debuted on October 29, 2018. Kwon Eun-bi served as the leader of the group and played an active role as the main dancer and lead vocalist.

Since their debut, IZ*ONE has received immense love from the public and actively performed in Asia, including Korea and Japan. Their representative songs include ‘La Vie en Rose’, ‘Violeta’, and ‘Fiesta’, which topped music charts and won numerous 1st places on music shows.



In 2019, they won the Best New Artist and Best of Next awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), and in 2020, they received the Favorite Female Artist and Worldwide Fans’ Choice awards at MAMA.

In addition, they proved their status as a leading girl group by winning awards at major domestic music award ceremonies such as Melon Music Awards (MMA), Golden Disc Awards, and Seoul Music Awards.

Although officially disbanded on April 29, 2020, the members are actively engaged in solo activities, returning to their respective agencies or debuting in new groups.



Turning Point as a Solo Artist

On August 24, 2021, she debuted as a solo artist with her first mini-album ‘OPEN’. The album topped the iTunes Top K-pop Album chart in 18 countries and regions, including Hong Kong and Singapore, marking a successful solo debut. The title track ‘Door’ even entered the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart at #3.

Since her solo debut, Kwon Eun-bi has been engaging in various musical activities, showcasing her unique musical color. In February 2022, she released her second mini-album ‘Color’, and the title track ‘Glitch’ topped the iTunes Top K-pop Album chart in 11 countries and regions, including the US, UK, and Canada.



She is recognized for her ability to digest various genres of music and demonstrate excellent vocal and performance skills. She actively participates in songwriting and composition, showcasing her abilities as a singer-songwriter.

Kwon Eun-bi plans to expand her activities beyond solo singing to acting. She has been taking acting lessons and expressed her desire to appear in dramas or movies if given the opportunity.

Through these diverse activities, she aims to grow closer to her fans and further develop her capabilities. She dreams of becoming one of the leading artists representing K-pop, loved by fans worldwide. We have explored information about Kwon Eun-bi’s profile, height, age, IZ*ONE affiliation, weight, education, and Instagram.


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