Parasite actor Jeon Soni age, family, height, and filmography

Jeon So-nee is an actress who has demonstrated stable acting skills across various works, progressing from supporting and minor roles to lead roles. She aims to become a memorable actress in the minds of many. Let me introduce Jeon So-nee’s profile, debut story, boyfriend and ideal type, works, commercial activities, awards, and anecdotes.




Age: 32 (Born on March 20, 1991)
Birthplace: Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 163cm
Blood Type: O
Family: Mother – Go Jae-sook (Bunny Girls), Brother – Jeon Junee (Singer)
Education: Graduated from Sangmyung University High School, Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast and Arts Management from Seoul Institute of the Arts
Agency: Fable Company
Debut: 2017 film “Girls”


Jeon Soni first began to seriously contemplate acting during high school. At that time, she enjoyed watching plays and movies alone. Although she knew that the acting in plays and movies was all fiction, she was captivated by how the acting felt more real than reality itself, which led her to dream of becoming an actress.

Jeon Soni made her debut as an actress in 2014 while attending university, through the short film “사진 (Photo)”. She continued to build her acting skills by appearing in various web dramas, and began to garner attention with movies like “여자들 (Girls)” and “죄 많은 소녀 (Guilty Innocence)”. However, she faced a slump during this period and struggled with whether she should quit acting. It was not until 2019 when she took on the lead role as Jang Mi-na in her first commercial film “악질경찰 (Hit-and-Run Squad)” that Jeon Soni broke out of her slump, leaving a mark on the public. Since then, she has appeared in dramas like “화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life)” and movies like “소울메이트 (Soul Mate)”, showcasing her growing acting skills and development as an actress.



ideal type

Jeon So-nee is currently unmarried and there is no information regarding any dating rumors or boyfriends, suggesting that she is currently single. However, in a past interview, Jeon So-nee mentioned her dating style.

She has never confessed her feelings to someone she likes, stating that she hasn’t had the experience of liking someone and approaching them first. Because she is not accustomed to a straightforward approach in relationships, she reflected on this contrast when playing the role of Jisoo, who has a direct style in the drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up.” It’s worth noting that Jeon So-nee mentioned that she finds men attractive when they are focused on their work.




  • 2014 Short Film “Photo” (Debut)
  • 2015 Web Drama “Two Women Season 1” as the Clothing Store Sister
  • 2016 Web Drama “72 Seconds” as the Laundromat Girl
  • 2016 Web Drama “Horror Delivery Service” as Sony
  • 2017 Film “The Running Actress” as Sony
  • 2018 Short Film “Gift”
  • 2018 Film “Microhabitat” as Kyung-min
  • 2018 tvN Drama “Encounter” as Cho Hye-in
  • 2019 Film “Midnight” as Yoo Hyo-yeon
  • 2020 tvN Drama “When My Love Blooms” as Yoon Ji-soo
  • 2021 TVING Drama “I’m Writing Your Destiny” as Ko Che-gyeong
  • 2021 Apple TV+ Drama “Dr. Brain” as Hong Ji-woo
  • 2023 tvN Drama “Youth Melody” as Min Jae-i
  • 2023 Film “Soulmate” as Go Ha-eun
  • 2024 Netflix Drama “Parasyte: The Grey” as Jung Soo-in


Upon waking up, Jeon Soni first consumes water and probiotics on an empty stomach.

Jeon Soni’s mother is Go Jae-sook from Bani Girls, and her younger sibling is singer-songwriter Jeon Jun-i. Although her mother, Go Jae-sook, wasn’t thrilled when Jeon Soni expressed interest in acting, she still supported her by encouraging her to pursue what she wanted.

During her school days, Jeon Soni was an exemplary student. She never received disciplinary action for breaking school rules and enjoyed spending time with teachers in the faculty room.



Actress Jeon Soni’s mother is Ms. Go Jae-sook, a member of the famous duo “Bani Girls” from the 1970s. Bani Girls consisted of the twin sisters Go Jae-sook and Go Jeong-sook, both born in Busan and graduates of the National Gugak High School. Bani Girls debuted in 1971 with the song “Waves” and disbanded in 1990. Unfortunately, Go Jeong-sook passed away in 2016.


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