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Actor Go Kyung-pyo captivates viewers by perfectly immersing himself in characters, delicately expressing the depths of his roles, often drawing audiences into the roles with deep emotions and lingering impressions. Let’s explore his profile, education, age, height, debut, and family background.



Age: Born on June 11, 1990, 33 years old
Hometown: Incheon
Height: 185cm
Blood Type: O
Family: Parents, younger sister
Education: Seokjeong Elementary School > Seokjeong Middle School > Incheon Nam High School > Konkuk University, College of Arts and Design, Major in Film Studies
Religion: Catholic
Military Service: Discharged as Corporal from the 23rd Infantry Division of the Republic of Korea Army
Agency: Ciel & Company
Debut: 2010 KBS2 youth drama “Jungle Fish 2”



Go Kyung-pyo spent two years as an acting trainee at YG Entertainment before deciding to enlist in the military. However, he made his acting debut unexpectedly by passing the audition for KBS2’s “Jungle Fish 2.”

Afterward, he joined SNL Korea Season 1 as a crew member, showcasing bold comedic acting with his tall stature and handsome face, which gained him popularity.



At the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards in November 2022, he gained attention for enjoying Zico and NewJeans’ stage sincerely, leading to the nickname “AmuKyungpyo” (meaning “nonchalant Kyungpyo”).

During his acceptance speech for the Popularity Award, he humorously mentioned that he came to enjoy the congratulatory performance and confirmed that Kim Hye-soo indeed enjoyed it.

Known for his enthusiasm, Go Kyung-pyo has interacted with Yoo Jae-suk multiple times on his social media, expressing admiration for him and even appearing as a guest on “Infinite Challenge.”



He continues to steadily appear in films and is well-regarded for his acting skills. Actor Choi Min-sik, who starred in “Roaring Currents,” praised Go Kyung-pyo’s performance, noting that despite having only one line, his emotional expression left a lasting impression.

Go Kyung-pyo is known for being accommodating when fans request photos. Due to past experiences of hesitancy when requesting photos from celebrities during his school days, he vowed to rarely refuse and usually obliges when asked for pictures.


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