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Park Gyu-young, who gained stardom through “Sweet Home” on Netflix, is expected to return to fans this year with various projects, including “Sweet Home Season 2.”




Birthday: July 27, 1993

Age: 29 years old

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Height: 169cm


  • Busan Foreign Language High School, Chinese Language Department
  • Yonsei University, College of Human Ecology, Major in Clothing and Environmental Studies

Religion: None




Park Gyu-young was born on July 27, 1993, making her 29 years old. She hails from Busan and graduated from Busan Foreign Language High School, then attended Yonsei University, majoring in Clothing and Environmental Studies. She transferred as a repeat student in the 13th grade. Park Gyu-young is an only child and stands at a height of 169cm. She is affiliated with Saram Entertainment.

Known for her clean and innocent image, Park Gyu-young enjoyed taking photos. In the mid-2010s, she appeared as a cover model for the university magazine, leading her to receive an acting offer from JYP Entertainment, which marked her entry into the acting industry.



Starting her acting career relatively late, Park Gyu-young began her career around 2016 with Jo Kwon’s “Crosswalk” music video and web dramas. She demonstrated steady acting skills in short films, web dramas, and supporting roles in television dramas. In 2018, she played the lead role in the KBS Drama Special “Tuna and Dolphin” and starred in the web drama “Living With You,” solidifying her position as an actress. That same year, she caught the attention of movie audiences with “Monstrum” and “Wrestler.”

In 2019, Park Gyu-young gained recognition for her roles in “Romance Is a Bonus Book” and “Nokdu Flower.” In 2020, she landed her first leading role in a mini-series as Nam Joo-ri in tvN’s “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.” Also in 2020, she rose to fame as Yoon Ji-soo in Netflix’s “Sweet Home,” where she portrayed a girl crush character wielding a baseball bat and engaging in a touching love line with Kim Nam-hee.

To portray a bassist naturally in the drama, Park Gyu-young learned to play the bass for three months, and for the baseball bat action, she practiced at a screen baseball field and action school.



In 2021, she continued to solidify her position as a lead actress with her roles as Yoon Soo-hyun in “The Devil Judge” and Kim Dal-ri in KBS’s “Dal-ri and Gamjatang.” Park Gyu-young received the Best New Actress and Best Couple awards at the KBS Drama Awards for her performance in “Dal-ri and Gamjatang.”

Park Gyu-young is set to continue her career with the upcoming “Sweet Home” Seasons 2 and 3, and she will also star as a lead in the Netflix original series “Celebrity.” Additionally, she is slated to play Han Ha-na in the webtoon-based drama “Lovestruck in the City.”

Throughout her acting career, Park Gyu-young developed hobbies like ballet and pilates to maintain good physical movement. During “The Devil Judge,” she learned boxing and jiu-jitsu to prepare for her role as a detective.

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