Introducing ILLIT members and their MBTI from auditions to debut

The girl group ILLIT from HIVE has debuted. ILLIT consists of members selected from JTBC’s audition program ‘R U Next’.

Given that the skills of the participating trainees were close to completion from the start, the members of ILLIT, finally composed of six members, showcase surprising aspects in various facets.

Let’s learn more about the ages, MBTI types, and positions of the ILLIT members.


Final Results of All RU Next

Round 0
End-of-Month Evaluation
Round 1
Round 2
Death Match
Round 3
Round 4
Position Mastery
Round 5
Concept Understanding
Round 6 PotentialRound 7 Star Quality

Wonhee and Youngseo received viewers’ votes and respectively ranked 1st and 2nd, successfully debuting. The remaining members, Minjoo, Iroha, Yoona, and Moka, were picked by their agency, Believe. Therefore, even though Yoona and Moka did not make it into the ranking, they were still able to debut. It’s reasonable to think that Yoona leads ILLIT, and Moka joined to target the key Japanese market. Personally, I think it was a good choice.



ILLIT Member Profiles

A summary of the HIVE ILLIT members’ introductions, ages, MBTI types, and positions:

NameNationalityBirthdayMBTIBlood type
YoonaKoreaJanuary 15, 2004ENFPAB
MinjooKoreaMay 11, 2004ISTPO
MokaJapanOctober 8, 2004ISFPB
WonheeKoreaJune 26, 2007ISFPA
IrohaJapanFebruary 4, 2008ISFPA




ILLIT has outstanding visuals overall, but Yoona’s beauty stands out among them. Her distinct features and strong competitiveness combine to exude tremendous charisma. While her serious demeanor on stage can sometimes be intimidating, she generally comes off as professional. Offstage, her somewhat carefree nature is endearing. Her sense of humor is distinctly remarkable, which might lead to high expectations for her unique leadership.

Yoona in ILLIT

As the eldest member of ILLIT, she seems likely to be a careful and attentive leader. Given her long period as a trainee, she’s expected to understand the industry well. Knowing how precious debut is, she will likely ignite great passion once actual activities begin. Her versatility in both vocals and dance makes her highly adaptable.




Minjoo is an all-rounder who excels in singing, dancing, and rapping. Her vocal voice is particularly charming, making her likely to take on the main vocalist role. Due to her selfless personality, she has gained many fans. Despite appearing quiet and introverted at first glance, she has a sense of humor that rivals many others. She previously trained at YG Entertainment.

Minjoo in ILLIT




As a Japanese member, Moka may seem very introverted on the outside but is actually cool and straightforward. Consequently, the gap between her on-stage and off-stage personas is as significant as Yoona’s. While she wasn’t particularly noticed early in the broadcast, she steadily gained attention later on. Her chameleon-like qualities make her capable of digesting any concept. She excels in dance.

Moka in ILLIT





Wonhee’s cute, chick-like visuals are charming. (Given that she was street-cast at Gangnam Station, her beauty must be quite striking.) Despite a relatively short trainee period, she is very sociable and friendly, quickly forming close bonds with fellow trainees. Known for her good sense of impact, she receives teasing from many. She has points that can genuinely captivate fans, possibly why she succeeded in debuting as the top viewer-voted member.

Wonhee in ILLIT

Honestly, based purely on skill, she still has much to improve to claim the top spot. This is not due to lack of talent but primarily because her training period was exceptionally brief. To be precise, she trained for only eight days before participating in ‘R U Next,’ essentially having no formal training period. However, she displayed her growth as a character effectively through the broadcast. Her appearance may make it challenging to define the group’s concept easily.




The youngest member of ILLIT is the Japanese member Iroha. Despite appearing very cute and baby-like, she also displays a remarkably mature side. In fact, she once made a mistake and stumbled on stage during ‘R U Next,’ but later turned it into her own meme, showing her strong mental fortitude. Known for hip-hop dancing since the age of three, she excels in dance within ILLIT and previously trained at JYP Entertainment.

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