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Mr. Park Sung-hoon is an actor loved for his warm appearance and stable acting skills. Recently, his popularity has skyrocketed with his impressive performance in “The Glory.” Now, let’s delve into actor Park Sung-hoon’s age, profile, dramas, family, and more.



  • Age: 39 years old, born on February 18, 1985
  • Hometown: Gyeonggi Province
  • Height: 183cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Family: Parents, two older sisters, and his miniature pinscher pet named Box
  • Education: Graduated from Gwacheon Foreign Language High School (French Department) > Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts (Major in Acting and Film)
  • Military Service: Completed as a sergeant in the Army
  • Religion: None
  • Agency: BH Entertainment
  • Debut: 2008 film “Department Store”


Park Sung-hoon is known for his strong language skills, likely due to his background at Gwacheon Foreign Language High School. He achieved a top score in the language section of the college entrance exam while appearing in “Musical Story Show with Lee Seok-jun.” Conversely, he admits to being quite poor at sports.

In 2009, Park Sung-hoon applied for the KBS Voice Actor Recruitment Test and reached the final interview stage, showcasing a remarkable talent for mimicry, particularly with actor Song Kang-ho’s vocal impressions.



On his Instagram account, which is named after his pet, Box (boxabum), he once shared a photo with Song Hye-kyo along with a heart emoji, expressing his joy at working with her in “The Glory” and revealing that he has been a fan of hers since long ago.

Park Sung-hoon’s family members are highly educated, with backgrounds in law and medicine. Despite this, his father supported Park Sung-hoon’s decision to pursue acting, acknowledging his son’s passion for the craft.

Known affectionately as “Park Sung-hoon Seok” (or “Rockwood Seok”) by theater and musical enthusiasts, Park Sung-hoon was involved in an event where actors from the 2015 play “Model Citizens” personally gifted tickets to audience members. Park Sung-hoon chose to gift the last seat on the end, despite other available options.



Park Sung-hoon’s specialty is boxing, which he briefly learned for his role as a boxer in the play “Judo Boys.”

In 2016, Park Sung-hoon and actress Ryu Hyun-kyung met through the play “Almost Maine” and publicly acknowledged their relationship in March 2017. They dated for about five years before parting ways in 2022.

Despite appearing in horror films like “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum,” Park Sung-hoon is actually quite scared of horror movies to the extent that he couldn’t properly watch “Saturday Mystery Theater.”

Park Sung-hoon gained attention as an actor during his role in the weekend drama “My Only One,” particularly because his father, who was hospitalized at the time, enjoyed watching the drama with other patients.



When asked about his role preparation for “The Glory,” Park Sung-hoon mentioned that he focused on exercise and diet management at the request of writer Kim Eun-sook and director Ahn Gil-ho to maintain a sensual aspect even as an antagonist.

Park Sung-hoon’s MBTI type seems to change with each test. Initially ISFJ, it shifted to ENTP, then ENFP, and most recently to INTP during an interview with “The Glory” cast.

His favorite soul food is “baeksundae bokkeum” (stir-fried blood sausage), and he once considered it as insulting when the staff prepared a sauce to go with it without knowing how to cook it properly.



Park Sung-hoon is represented by BH Entertainment, which also manages various other celebrities including Go Soo, Gil Eun-seong, Shawn Richard, Park Bo-young, Kim Go-eun, Park Ji-hoo, Park Yoo-rim, Park Hae-soo, Park Jin-young (GOT7), Jung Chae-yeon, Jung Woo, Jo Bok-rae, Lee Byung-hun, Woo Hyo-gwang, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Hee-joon, Ahn So-hee, Yoo Ji-tae, Hong Hwa-yeon, Joo Jong-hyuk, Han Hyo-joo, Han Ga-in, Karata Erika, Choo Ja-hyun, and Han Ji-min.

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